A pioneer enterprise to conserve and develop

A pioneer enterprise to conserve and develop

A pioneer enterprise to conserve and develop "First Orange" in Doai Commune, Nghe An

10:06 - 23/10/2020

In recent years, although Xa Doai oranges are purchased at very high prices (from 50-70 thousand VND / fruit), they are very scarce. Realizing this famous specialty is in danger of being lost or lost, Thanh Phat Construction Co., Ltd. has pioneered "Conservation and development of Xa Doai orange" right on the original land of Nghi Dien commune. , Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province ...

Close-up of oranges in Xa Doai with fruits in "Center for restoration and development of oranges in Xa Doai"

The risk of loss "the first people orange" ....

The reason people in Nghi Dien commune is known everywhere is because it is able to grow "unique" oranges bearing the specialty brand of Xa Doai oranges. Talking about the characteristics of Xa Doai oranges, many seniors in Nghi Dien commune said: “Probably due to the soil and water resources here have created a special sweetness and aroma of this orange. The identifying characteristics of Xa Doai oranges are uniformly thin, smooth and bright yellow when ripe, then gradually turn dark yellow, a mild aroma emanating when toning oranges, golden flesh and sweet orange juice. , not sour, has a honey-like binder at the tip of the tongue. Orange Xa Doai is succulent, weighing about 200 - 250g / fruit ... "


Visiting the Center, visitors enjoy taking souvenir photos in front of specialty orange Xa Doai

Not only is the fruit ranked at the top of the Vinh orange brand, but the specialty of Xa Doai orange has long gone into the folk tune - an intangible cultural heritage of humanity: “Cam Xa Doai Nghe origin / The more delicious it is ripe ". Besides, the orange flavor Xa Doai remains in the poems of poet Pham Tien Duat:

“Orange Xa Mango is succulent

Drops of gold like honey

  Cut orange outside the front door

       Huong flew into the house "...

According to the chronicle of Nghi Dien commune, recorded that: "First orange" was planted about 150 years ago. At that time, a French priest came to the missionary land of Xa Doai, brought with him an orange variety to plant. After 3-4 years, the tree produces large fruits, oval shape, pillars, few seeds, and deliciously delicious food. Its sweetness and aroma quickly spread throughout the world. Not only Vietnamese people, but also Western officials at that time also praised Xa Doai. Since then, this type of oranges have been planted by the people of Doai Commune until now. Orange Xa Doai was honored to be recorded in the French Dictionary, compared to the specialty mango of Laos: "Orange Xa Doai - Mango Than Khế". And, oranges Xa Doai was once chosen as a gift to the king. 


 Every day, oranges at Xa Doai Center are cared for by a team of skilled and experienced workers 

Such precious, rare and high economic value, but Xa Doai oranges have been in danger of losing seed due to many reasons such as harmful pests and diseases, less investment in intensive farming, and ability to apply scientific techniques. In recent years, the number of trees in each garden is only a handful of trees, but the number of trees in each garden is only a handful of seven old trees that have been able to keep the specialty of Xa Doai oranges in Nghi Dien commune over the years. , stunted, infected with pests and diseases ... 

Pioneering in conservation and development of oranges in Nghe Do Commune ...

It is known that since 2009, realizing that Xa Doai orange variety is in danger of extinction, Thanh Phat Construction Co., Ltd. has pioneered the project to conserve and develop this rare and precious orange right in the area The original land belongs to hamlet 5, Nghi Dien commune. With a great deal of investment and good application of science and technology in the process of planting and tending, the Center has so far restored and developed more than 3 thousand commune of Doai orange root.


Korean high-tech agricultural science experts are instructing how to care for Xa Doai orange trees at the Center.

When we returned to the Center today, we could admire the straight, green and fruitful rows of Xa Doai oranges. Every day, the orange Xa Doai here is carefully cared for by a team of skilled and experienced workers. Seeing the specialties of oranges in Xa Doai developing and green in the Center, many people who are devoted to this rare and precious orange variety in Nghi Dien commune are no longer worried.  

Recognizing the characteristics of oranges in Xa Doai Commune, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai - Head of the Department of Vegetable, Flower and Fruit Research (North Central Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology) evaluated: “In the group of oranges, oranges make up the brand of oranges. In Vinh, Xa Do oranges are the "kernel" that ranks at the top of the list, then new oranges from Con River, Van Du oranges ... Flavor and sweetness of oranges Xa Doai has no other oranges to match. The strange thing is that, after successful selection, we brought the orange seedling Xa Doai to trial planting in the land of Con Cuong district (Nghe An), but its fruit no longer tasted like grown in the land. Nghi Dien commune ”.

Thanks to its aromatic and delicious characteristics, it is superior to all other oranges, so Xa Doai oranges are chosen by many as a premium Tet gift, ordered by traders according to the fruit and cut oranges directly in the garden. It is thought that, although the Center has successfully recovered and developed, the local authorities and functional branches need to pay attention and have preferential mechanisms to make the commune of Doai here increasingly sustainable, preserve and multiply the area of ​​this precious, rare and economically valuable citrus fruit. 

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